Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Just a little reminder...

On days when you wonder why you:
**are saying no about the same subject for the 16,332nd time
**are the only parent who doesn't let their child participate in something
**had to give two spankings, three go-to-your-rooms, and four "help me Jesuses" before 9:30 am (all for the same child)
**even bother with trying to explain such abstract concepts as manners, rudeness, or nutrition to a five year old who was told that potato chips are vegetables
**make beds, wash dishes, and bathe children, just so they all can end up caked with filth again within an hour
**volunteered AGAIN to drive everyone wherever they needed to go, when you could be home taking a nap
**wanted YOUR house to be the hangout house
**endured yet ANOTHER ball practice, ballet practice, or spelling test practice...

look at what's highlighted in red and remember why.

The little lions need us. They need our boundaries, our toughness, our humanity, our imperfections, our commitment, our apologies...

Our young lions need our love.

They need US.

Don't quit. Tomorrow's a new day. ;-)


  1. This is terrific! Thanks for the great thought and the smiles! Love the sign.

  2. Fully support your views - I raised 3 boys the old fashioned way and they love life and love God. Discipline is important for good character. Parents are God's Reps on Earth - we need to mirror good things to our children.
    God Bless!