Monday, August 27, 2012

A Rainy Monday Kind of Blog.

I'm just sitting here, looking out my office window, at the ravaging storm called Isaac, which basically equals a rainy Monday. Walker is asleep right outside my door, and to be honest, I'm fighting the urge to crawl up into his crib with him, even though the sleep I got last night was not only sufficient, but it was deep.

Something about rainy days and Mondays.

I happen to like both. Always have. And when they coincide on the same plane, well-- that's just my kind of beginning to a week. I know, I know. I'm odd. And I know that plenty of you are loathing the fact that it's Monday, or that it's raining AND Monday if you live here in central Florida. Some of you are already dreading the next 8 hours or so of predicted downpours, while trying to come up with creative ways to keep three kids under the age of 4 happy without going outside. Some of you are exhausted from a weekend that didn't stop moving and are actually happy to go back to work this morning, but can't fight the nagging thought that it's just another day to do it all over again, and one day closer to another exhausting weekend.

It's okay.

Since rainy Mondays are daunting enough for most people, I thought I would write about the lighter side of motherhood this morning, and give us all a little permission to take a minute, sip on something in a cup without a straw or sippy lid, and realize that you're not alone.

Today, give yourself permission to...

...not feel badly for throwing away some of that refrigerator art. Or at least relocating it to an undisclosed location. And to think, "Oh yay! Just what I wanted-- a watercolor painting of a tree and our house that actually looks like my great Aunt Mary's dog's water bowl!"

...look back at your little ones' newborn pics and think, "Ew." And then silently thank God your little bundles got better looking with each passing month. After all. Are wet newborn ANYTHINGS really cute? Really?

...take a nap when you can. This includes, but is not limited to: red lights, their naps, their TV time, while you're on the phone with customer service, and in the car line at school. Everyone is buckled in and being held hostage. Get in line 15 minutes early and snooze.

...secretly love that your kids want the crusts cut off their sandwiches so you can eat them while you make lunch. your sister alot. She gets it. Especially if she's a mom. And speaking of sisters...

...hope your sister is also awake with HER baby at 4:00 am. If you're up, she should be too. (Sorry, Lori.)

...use the "Mommy needs to go to the bathroom" excuse for more than just using the bathroom. Feel free to read a chapter, make a phone call, or sit in a trance for a few minutes. Or seconds. Believe me-- if something noteworthy happens, like someone finds a paper clip, or the world's biggest booger-- you'll know it. You're in the bathroom. Which equals a flashing sign that says "APPROACH ME NOW".

...count the minutes until naptime and bedtime. All day. a tad bit jealous of your friends who don't have kids yet. They get to sleep whenever they want, use the bathroom when their body actually tells them to, eat food while it's still hot, and never have to plan an evening out around when they can get a babysitter. Go ahead and be jealous. Because any minute, your tater tot will do something to remind you why you made this decision to be a mom. And jealousy will vanish like helpers at chore time.

...worry a little about Max and Ruby's lack of parents. ice cream. Alone. Just because you can.

...feel your eye twitch a little after hearing, "Mom, LOOK" for the 43rd time in ten minutes. a little bit happy when you drop your child off at school in the morning, especially if you have more than one child and even if the remaining children are home with you all day. Less is more sometimes. And by the end of the school day, you'll be aching to see that sweet face walking to your car. *sigh*.

...pick a really big and yummy birthday cake for your child's first birthday. Because Lord knows you deserve whatever cake you want for mothering even a good baby for the first 12 months.

...make a commitment to not talk about the kids on date night. And then break the commitment.

...lay there for a few minutes when baby cries at night or in early morning. Of COURSE you aren't pretending you don't hear her... You're being optimistic and hoping she goes back to sleep. ;-)

...wonder how long those goldfish crackers that your child is eating have been in his carseat, but still not be concerned enough to reach back and take them.

...never having had implemented the "three second rule" with your second child. Or even a "five." Or a "ten."

...order your kid a 6 count nugget kids' meal and feel totally crushed when she eats all 6 because you were counting on the 2 leftovers as YOUR "lunch".

...make a run to Target like "that mom" that you swore you'd never leave the house like. You know- in sweat pants and a t-shirt, hair in a ponytail, no makeup, and kids wearing pajamas and holding sippy cups. Because Target has a Starbucks in it and that's the only hope you have right this second. And it's ok.

...want to punch people who say "Oh, he's growing up so fast" when talking about your newborn who is still doing the same three things over and over- crying, eating, and crying.

...have a pity party. Whenever you want. It's your party and you can cry if you want to.

...not have a shower until Daddy gets home, just in case one of the Banshees decides to close his brother into the refrigerator, empty the Desitin on the baby's head, or try his new-found scissoring skills on the dog. Again.

...count the months until kindergarten and then panic madstyle when your baby turns 4.

...wonder on a daily basis what you've gotten yourself into. your baby breathe while she sleeps. And she's 8. totally convinced that no mother has ever loved her child as much as you do yours. And no child has ever been more perfect.

...because you're right. ;*)

Happy Monday, Mommies.

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