Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I Don't Get It...

One thing's for sure about parenting.

Ok, two.

One- it's a never ending puzzle to solve. And two- sometimes, you won't even know where the puzzle pieces are.

Parenting is fun, isn't it? I'm not being sarcastic. Mostly. I mean, before we had kids, life was generally predictable and (**yawn**) boring. But boring now? HA. When time does slow down long enough for me to catch up on my DVR, I almost fall asleep. So "boring" and "predictable" are not in my vocab and haven't been for almost eight years now.

One of the many, many things about parenting that I enjoy is the complexity of it all. There's many things I've figured out. Like when Abi asks, "Which shirt should I wear," she's simply asking me so she can see if we think alike. Or when she says, "I'm hungry" after dinner, that's code for, "I'd like dessert now." I know her favorite color changes every few months or so. She hates to sleep in her bedroom. How to negotiate a plan before she even realizes what hit her strong will.

But there's oh-so-many other things I cannot figure out. how she can be on one end of our 2800 square foot house and I can be on the total other side, but the MINUTE I shut the bathroom door with church mouse quiet and stealth precision, she manifests. how in the WORLD I look like I'm 5 months pregnant already even though I've only gained 5.5 lbs. why I can clean the whole house and never hear a peep from her while she's in her room all day but the second I lie down to close my eyes, she suddenly needs a snack, a tag cut out of her shorts, a Band-Aid, or something off the top shelf of her closet. how something so sweet can turn on you like a spitting cobra at the drop of a hat if her shirt is too scratchy. how my heart can burst with love for a child that currently looks like a teddy graham/jelly bean/cocktail shrimp. how no matter how old Abi gets, I peek in on her every time I get up to use the bathroom, just to see her sleep. how I can be so done with her I feel like my skin will catch on fire if I am touched again, yet miss her instantly when she leaves me. how I summon my psychic mommy powers to find a miniature rubber pig the size of a dime in a bedroom that looks like Toys-R-Us on Black Friday. what the heck it is that happens between waking up cheerfully and time to put her hair up in a ponytail that goes so very awry. how in the world you can't make it through a movie without needing to pee but look at the clock at noon and realize the last time you actually peed was at 2:00 am. how Dora can ask the same question over and over and STILL not get the answer right, even though your preschooler is shouting the answer loud enough for the guys on the International Space Station to hear her. how she can seem so mature but every single day when I watch her walk into school, it looks like the first day of kindergarten all over again. why a child who eats broccoli, asparagus, hot sauce, and green beans will not touch corn. how the same day that began with you watching Daybreak News at 5:00 AM while feeding a baby will also end with you watching the 11:00 PM late news while you're yet again feeding a baby. how you can think things you ask God for forgiveness for one minute and then things that make you cry with joy the next minute about the same child who weighs 20 pounds. how you can crave a bean burrito from Taco Bell with all your heart and soul and yet miraculously be satisfied by a PBJ, of which you only get the crusts. how more and more little girls' shorts in stores are no bigger than underwear. Don't. Get. On. A. Tangent. Jill. Please. why the goal of the game is to train our children to leave us. Boo hiss. exactly HOW those Goldfish crackers got UNDERNEATH the infant carseat that weighs more than a small teenager, and STILL did not get crushed. how it is that the first sight of a runny nose can send terrible shivers down your spine.

...and like- what did I do before I had these little ones to worry about, manage, kiss, and chew on?

...and what will I do when they don't need me anymore?

Oh, I know. We'll travel to wherever they are and pour the next part of our lives into our friendship with them. (We get to be friends one day!!!!!!!!!)
But for now, mysteries prevail. And I'm the greatest detective there ever was. ;-)


  1. Jill, you are such an awesome writer, girl! I love it! Keep writing!

  2. Your kids will NEVER not need you, Jill. I'm 40 years old and I still "need" my mama some days. They'll just need you in a different way. Even when our moms are gone, we never outgrow our need for them. Never. ♥