Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It's ALLLLL About This Girl.

Seven years ago right now, this was me.

It was not a pretty sight.

But let me tell ya. After 6 LONG years of wanting, praying, waiting, hoping, doubting, and trusting, I was about to burst with child and my heart was happy as a pig in the mud (tho my body felt like it was at the gates of hell). Then, on February 11, 2004- this moment came.

I blinked my eye, and this moment was here.

Then, I turned around, and here's what was there.

One day, I blinked a little too long, and this was in front of me.

And I swear to you, while I was sleeping one night, this day snuck up on me.

There have been other magical days, sure. Like this one.

This one....

This one....

And this one.

I have no idea where seven years have gone. But three things I do know.

It has flown.
It's been a delight.
I'm glad I'm her mom.

Thank you, Lord, that seven years ago, I ushered your promise into this world, kicking and screaming. (She was screaming, too). May I raise her to serve you, to love you, to honor you- in all she endeavors. I pray she takes risks when she should, plays it safe when it's best, and challenges the world around her every day. Let her life be a testament to your graciousness and favor. Help her to season her words with salt and always remember to apologize when she fails at that. Thank you for her sweet nose that I kiss every day. Thank you for the freckles you have dotted her beauty with. Thank you for the red streak that shows in the back of her hair in summer sunshine. Thank you for the perfect lips she wears, which smile endlessly- may they cherish the kiss of her husband for many years. I'm so glad you made her hands so beautifully... May they have plenty of babies to hold when her time comes. Thank you for her brassiness- May she always hold strongly to her opinion, even if she's the only one who has it. But mostly, Lord, thank you for her heart. May it always beat with compassion for the underdog the way it does now. May it know how it feels to be warmed by your healing touch after it breaks with sadness. May it burn with passion for the souls around her who so desperately need you.

And may she always find her way home. 'Cause that's where I'll be.

I love you, Abigail Ruth Elaine. Every breath. Until I leave this world. And even then.

Love, Mom.


  1. Don't blink again, or she'll be 18 and on her way to college. Trust me, time will fly faster as she gets older. My son Will is going to be 21 on the 27th of this month, and my daughter Hannah will be 20 in December. They've begun their life on their own, and already have gained an appreciation for their childhood. Hannah told her mother as much the last time she was home from college. That's when you know you've done your job right. We weren't perfect as parents, and they might not always make decisions we agree with, but now we know that we did our job. I'm sure you and Rod will have the same feeling when Abi gets to that age, but not too quickly!

  2. Wow, beautiful expression of your love for Abi. As I am reading this I am holding my 9 month old baby girl bawling! Also having two boys, I know how fast it goes, and I try my best to live in each moment because it truly does fly by. Thanks for the reminder.