Monday, July 19, 2010

For all my STAY AT HOME MOM friends.

Just had you on my mind this morning.

Well, actually it's because I spent a little (not nearly enough) time with my friend Jennifer at a birthday party our kids were at the other day, and I just wanted to hug her (and bite her little chubby baby). She had said something like, "You took a break from blogging but all of us moms at home still needed a pick me up!"

Yes, we do need pick-me-ups. ANY mom's job is endless. (Working moms, please don't blast me.) But since I was a SAHM with Abi, and will be when baby #2 arrives (we're working on this), Home Mommies are close to my heart.

Stay-at-home Moms, there are those of us who understand.

There are moms on this planet who understand:
...what it's like to have the theme song from Elmo's World stuck in your head for weeks at a time, and to catch yourself whistling it while folding clothes, only to shrug your shoulders and start whistling it again because you don't know any current songs.
...that at some point in the day, you think "What's the use?" when it comes to cleaning up playroom toys, so you throw in the white flag of surrender. Every day. it feels to exist off of a diet of leftover pizza crusts, PBJ sandwich crusts, and non-soggy goldfish crumbs that were left of the high chair tray.
...that vacuuming is a distinct art. It has to be scheduled around naptimes, lunchtimes, and all-in-all, childhood in general.
...that chunks of your life will disappear somewhere between 7AM and 4PM, and you will never, ever know what you did during those hours. Ever.

There are those of us who have spent our days:
...answering questions like, "Can I go outside now? Now? How about NOW?" all. day. long.
...really and truly envying Dora the Explorer because at least she gets to GO SOMEWHERE!
...wiping noses that pour like waterhoses, administering enough Tylenol to cool off an atomic bomb, and carrying Orajel in our mom-jeans pocket.
...sitting in a kiddie pool that doesn't even cover our thighs (which, incidentally are much larger than they used to be) and then telling people we went swimming in our "pool".

Be encouraged, Mommies. There are people in this world who:
...count the minutes until naptimes, every single day.
...actually feed their kids Pizza Rolls more than once a week and still turn out kids that are healthy.
...cannot wait until the next library story time for the sole purpose that we don't have to be the ones reading the book for a change.

You're not the only one who:
...sometimes thinks, "What did I get myself into?"
...thinks if something happened to your mom, you'd end up in an insane asylum.
...sometimes cries at how exhausted and OVER IT you are, only to get a totally different child up from naptime than the one you put down, thus everything changing.
...imagines a vacation away from Little Precious of the Century, but can't get past the fact that you just
can't be gone from them that long and breathe.

You are totally normal for:
...knowing that a spanking is completely in order, yet feeling like a piece of poop for doing it.
...feeling like your skin will literally crawl off of you if you're touched one more time.
...counting how many years there are until graduation, and instead of crying because it's so far away, crying because it's not as many as you thought.
...inventing fun games like, "Let's see who can be quiet the longest," which is code for "If you talk again, my ears will explode."

Because after all the frustration, all the work, all the skinned knees, fussy eaters, and non-sleeping children have moved on, we will miss these days.

Moms, what's going on inside your house is making an eternal difference. And you're the cornerstone.

We are mighty. We are tired. We are stretched. We are loved.

We are blessed.


  1. THANK YOU!! I SOOOO needed this today. Its so nice to know that I am not alone!!

  2. <3!! I am a sahm of 2 boys(4 and 2)and a newborn baby girl. Just gotta say, AMEN sister!

  3. I really needed to hear this today...thank you!! I struggle with this a lot and I think "does anyone else feel like this or am I the worst mom ever?" I have a 5 yr old, a 14 month old and we are welcoming our new baby boy into the world in about a week. Sometimes I think I'm losing it, haha! Again, thank a million!!

  4. A friend sent me the link to your blog. Thanks so much for puttin' it out there... yes, it is good to know that we're not alone! God bless you and your fam!

  5. I found your blog through a friend and have enjoyed reading and laughing out loud at some points.

    I'm a SAHM to a 3 yr old little girl and am 36 weeks along with a boy who's due in Sept. One night (or very early morning actually) I woke up for one of my frequent middle of the night, pregnancy induced potty trips (funny how the word bathroom no longer exists in my vocabulary, it's "potty" now) and the song, "Animal Crackers in My Soup" was playin over and over in my 2am!!

    Anyways, just wanted to let you know I enjoy your entries.

  6. Oh Jill again you make me cry...twice in one night is quite enough. BUt to be honest this is what was on my heart the entire time I cried last time.I have to print this out and read it over and over and over. I know that there will be a day that I miss all thoughs things you wrote but today isn't one of thoughs days. The house is still and there is finally no noise exept for 3 little snoring men and one snoring husband all in their beds and i suddenly feel like I have failed as a mom. Why was I picked to raise my boys. I know He didn't set me up to fail what am I doing wrong??? Anyway, I go to bed holding onto a promise God told us...I will never leave you nor forsake you!